JOAN 6 Pro

The next generation, ultra low-power, smart ePaper device, designed for advanced meeting room management of enterprises. Mount it wirelessly with the Smart magnet or use a fully wired PoE dock.

o 6 inch 4:3
o Portrait view
o Optional wall-mounted Power over Ethernet dock

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2,812.17 SR

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A centrally-managed workplace management system, built for turning every workplace into a better, more efficient and safer place to work.

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Manage everything from one place.

Setup and manage all your Joan displays centrally from one easy-to-use, secure Web Portal.

Device management

Set up and configure your device. Decide on a language, work hours, customize buttons, and name rooms.

Advanced analytics

Analyze peak hours, most popular meeting rooms, who books the most meetings, and other workplace data.

Maintenance cost optimization

Zero installation cost with Smart magnetic mount and minimal management.

Smart magnet

This Smart magnetic mount is assigned to a specific meeting room. Any Joan 6 Pro attached to that magnet will automatically show the specific room information.

Committed to sustainability

Joan uses 99% less energy than LCD screens and its battery can last for months or even years on one charge. 

Learn more about Joan 6 Pro

From technical specifications to product details. Here’s everything you need to know about Joan 6 Pro.

Color Grey or Black
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