Additional Magnetic Mount 5-Pack 6-inch

Redecorating or moving office? Take Joan with you. 5 additional magnet pairs for Joan 6 to help you install Joan in a new location.

150.00 SR 150.0 SAR 150.00 SR

150.00 SR

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    A centrally-managed workplace management system, built for turning every workplace into a better, more efficient and safer place to work.

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    • A zero cost installation with no expensive wiring or hidden costs.

      • Each Joan comes with a custom adhesive magnet already included. Just take Joan out of the box and attach it to any surface without laying cables or renovating.

      A simple, hassle-free installation in mere minutes. No tools. No muss. No fuss.

      • Attach Joan to any firm, even surface you want. Be it glass, wood or brick, it will stick. Just follow a few simple steps.

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