Local Shipping

A product that is available in local stores and is often fast shipping and the product journey does not require air or sea intervention. Inventory is often monitored and linked to the system to ensure product availability and rapid shipment.

 Short shipping time.  

  local product.

 Competitive shipping price.  

  Stock is monitored and the quantity is limited.  

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Imported Shipping

A product is not available in local warehouses and the product's journey to reach you requires air or sea intervention, so the shipping is usually longer than the local product. The product is often supplied directly from the factory, and additional manufacturing time may be required if the product is not in stock.

  Longer shipping time.

  Product imported and will require international control such as customs.

  Shipping cost is more expensive compared to local product.

  Stock is large and quantities are available upon request.

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The journey of this type of product that does not require stock is the fastest as it does not require human or logistical intervention to get the product to you. The product is delivered as soon as the product is purchased, and you will receive the product by text message or to the email registered in the system.

  Instant and digital delivery.

  Digital product does not require the intervention of a third-party.

  There are no additional costs for shipping.

  A product that does not need inventory or control.

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The product journey will require human intervention and the customer is usually contacted after purchasing the service to determine their requirements. The method of providing the service varies according to its nature, and we offer many services such as technical and non-technical, which require the participation of more than one person to complete the application.

  The time to complete the order varies according to the type and size of the service.

  Requires the intervention of one or more professionals to complete the application.

  May require customer access or digital delivery depending on the type of service.

  Product availability according to time availability not the stock.

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